3 Incredible Realtor Closing Gift Ideas for 2019

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It’s Closing Time!

You have driven your clients from house to house, and arranged dozens of property showings. You survived the grueling countdown to closing time.

With your hard-earned commission check in hand, and your victory dance a fading memory you begin to realize your job isn’t quite over yet…


An incredible Realtor Closing Gift is merely the ‘proverbial first step’ of your thousand mile journey that will ensure you stay top of mind with the clients you worked so hard with to gain their trust, and most importantly their business.

What’s Really In A Name?

Studies consistently show that it is significantly more difficult to secure new real estate clients than it is to keep the ones you already have.

The Association of Realtors serve up some mind boggling statistics:

Buyers who would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others: 74%

Yet, a STAGGERING 70% of your clients will be unable to pick you out of a line up in as little as one year after you have assisted them with the largest purchase they will make in their entire lifetime.

The question therefore remains…why would ANY savvy agent allow another real estate agent to snap up our client a year or so later, -without a moments hesitation- simply because your client could not remember something as SIMPLE as your name?

Its Simple Really….

Real estate agents are insanely busy people.

It is a rare individual that is able to take complete control of their time blocking habits.

The reality is that it is very easy for us to allow the MULTITUDE of tasks and activities of the real estate business control US, instead of us controlling our time and our schedules.

How many times have we heard about the agent that’s on call 24/7 and this is touted as a GOOD thing?

Far too often. It really doesn’t have to be this way. It IS possible to take control of our time, and also our lives.

Read my complete review The Ultimate Relationship Marketing Platform, an automated Customer Relationship Management tool that will ensure you keep in touch with your clients in the most meaningful and creative ways throughout the year.

By now, you are getting the picture. A closing gift alone simply isn’t enough to stay top of mind and to ensure you will be picked out of that lineup a year later, and preferably for decades to come.

Automating your Relationship Marketing efforts (essentially, setting it and forgetting it) not only includes the first step in keeping this client year from now (the closing gift) but also helps you reach out and make several other vital contacts with your clients throughout the year.

Be Sure To Mark Your Calendar

Remember, you WANT your client’s to remember you a year from now as well as TEN year from now. AND you want to make this as easy as possible.

There will be client birthdays, clients kid’s birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, real estate market updates, and many more contacts that you will need to make on a consistent basis after the transaction has successfully closed.

You will need to do this – year after year – to increase the likelihood of your clients thinking of you when their friends and family ask if they know of a good real estate agent. They key is to build a steady referral business.

You also want to do whatever you can to increase the probability that they will think of YOU when they are ready to buy or sell a home year from now.

3 Incredible Realtor Closing Gift Ideas

Wrap Up Your Transaction With Send Out Cards

Express your gratitude and let your clients know how happy you are to have worked with them on their home selling or purchasing journey.

I am a licensed Realtor also and I know firsthand the amount of work it takes to get your clients to the closing table.

There are a lot of emotions, disappointments and hurdles to plow through. Not to mention endless paperwork and deadlines.

You can commemorate the road you have traveled together by creating a unique and personalized greeting card (similar to the front of the card below) by uploading photos of your journey together into the trademarked Relationship Marketing Platform.

You will want to be sure to capture those special moments of you giving your clients the key to their first home, smiling at the closing table or jumping for joy in their new front yard.

That photo can be uploaded onto the cover or inside of a personalized greeting card. You can then personalize the inside of the card to match that perfect moment. You also have the option to add on personalized signature fonts of your own handwriting.

These days, it is so rare to receive an actual greeting card in the mail. Your clients will be over the moon when they receive it.

I cannot tell you how many emotional telephone calls that I have received from people that have received my personal greeting cards in the mail.

You also have the option to brand the back of the card by choosing from several templates. This becomes a very powerful way of making sure you are remembered.

So often, people tell me that they have kept my card on display on their mantle or shelf. It isn’t often that we get to be a part of such an amazing experience with others.

There are 1000s of cards to choose from in the card catalog and several Realtor options to choose from.

Another fantastic benefit is the ability to include an American Express or Target gift card that is elegantly attached to the inside of your personalized card. Denominations, shipping and service fees can be found here.

Gift cards make one of the best gifts because purchasing and selling homes is very expensive. Your clients will have spent quite a bit of money by the time their transaction is complete.

Your clients will just love receiving a gift card in $50, $100 or $200 denominations and be able to have the choice to use it on whatever their budget and needs require.


The ability to choose their own household items, groceries, or pizza for moving day (or whatever their little heart desires) will ALWAYS be appreciated, and NEVER go out of style.

Express Your Appreciation With A Gift Basket

If you have gotten to know your client fairly well and they have told you they just love the spa, chocolate or they happen to be wine or beer connoisseurs why not send them a gift basket that shows that you were paying attention?

GiftBasketsOverSeas is an amazing company that offers an astounding number of gift options to choose from. Read my full review here for a complete rundown of their service and world-class customer service.

You can also send flowers, jewelry, cakes and electronics as well.

Their 3 Step ordering process makes this a very streamlined and simple way in which to send your Gratitude.

I was overwhelming impressed with the customer service offered by this company.

As you will read in my review, the CEO of the company has been spotted out and about in the virtual community of online review sites responding to comments where there was a problem and really going out of his way to get it solved.

You will read comment after comment of praise for their customer service even where there were hurdles to overcome. The staff is often online on these review sites responding and making things right and customers VERY HAPPY.

You really don’t see that too often. Be prepared to be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.

Give The Gift of Sleep

Has your client expressed a love for luxury bedding or a taste for ultimate comfort? If so, Crown Goose is the perfect choice when choosing a gift for someone with such discriminating tastes.

CrownGoose offers a full line of luxurious Goose down sleep items. A huge part of their mission statement includes “Deep and Extraordinary Sleep” with bedding crafted from the finest Down Fabrics from around the world.

Who can’t get on board with that?

There is something for literally everyone in their vast catalog of sleep goodies. If you specialize in selling luxury homes this is definitely the place to get them an appropriately luxurious closing gift.

Keep an eye out for my full review of this company soon.

I really loved writing this article for you!

Let me know what you think-did you enjoy the products presented for you today?

Comment below and tell me all about your opinions and suggestions.

I appreciate all of you!



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