Gift Basket Ideas for Women and Why They Are The Perfect Gift

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Gift Basket Ideas for Women

For many people birthdays, holidays and special occasions can soon become a tedious and stressful chore as opposed to the fun, creative and loving act of giving that it should be.

This is especially true when racking your brain trying to think of a gift that is as novel as can be for your gift giving budget.

To make matters worse, it can be particularly challenging when you are dealing with someone that doesn’t need anything, already has EVERYTHING or is just plain difficult to buy for.

If you have been giving the same ‘old gift card, or dinner date and movie night promise written on the inside of a greeting card for the past five years straight it may be time to kick your gift giving game into high gear. There is really so much more for you on the gift giving horizon.

A customized gift basket personally designed by you for the special women in your life may be just the perfect gift giving inspiration you need to change things up and get things moving in an entirely different direction.

Read on to learn about the 3 Reasons Gift Baskets are a great idea.

Completely Customizable

The internet really makes gift giving a breeze these days. With the majority of people heading over to Amazon or Pinterest first when searching for gift ideas. There is absolutely no shortage of ideas online if you are drawing a blank.

You can completely customize a gift basket with a theme that the special lady or ladies in your life are TOTALLY passionate about. Does she just love taking long baths or put in major time at the office? Treat her to a luxury Spa Basket filled to the brim with bubble bath, lotions and bath salts in her favorite scents.

Is she a hardcore Wine and Chocolate Aficionado? There are endless selections of wines and fine chocolates to fill up a gift basket with and send her way. This is sure to bring smiles for days on end.

Is she a foodie? Why not send her a basket filled with her favorite recipes, high end kitchen gadgets and a few gourmet food items?

The list of ideas are truly endless and the hardest thing you will have to do is recall what she is really passionate about (her absolute FAVORITE things) then get to custom designing right within the gifting website.

Show Off Worthy

Lets face it. We all love to show off a bit on Facebook and Instagram now and then. All the likes and comments make us feel really good and we just love to be celebrated on our special day.

Women in particular love to let their Facebook or Instagram vibe tribe know that they are thought about, cherished and loved.

Gift baskets are not only filled with the fantastic things she loves, but they are elegantly wrapped and beautifully decorated in her favorite colors and sometimes even come with a bit of extra visual bling.

They are the perfectly beautiful gift to photograph and show off on Facebook or Instagram and will give her the opportunity to have a bit of fun while reading all the comments about the gorgeous gift basket she received while racking up all those likes.

The basket itself is high quality and can be repurposed and used as decoration in the home, decorative storage or custom designing another gift basket for someone else.

Surprising her with an absolutely stunning, custom designed gift basket will make her day just that much more special.

Easy on Your Wallet

Gift Baskets are available at several price points. Whether you are looking to spend $40 or $150 there is nothing stopping you from letting your creative juices flow while at the same time not break the bank in the process.

Since gift baskets are custom designed personally by you, you decide the budget and choose what to fill the basket with accordingly. You can play with a variety of options until you come up with a custom design that fits both her passions AND your budget.

There are also several shipping options at a variety of price ranges available to you that will make your shopping experience much more versatile and satisfying when you can pick and choose what is best for your budget.

Affordability is one of the many things that puts this gift giving idea at the top of the list.

Some of the most popular gift baskets trending now are Spa Baskets, Wine and Chocolate, and Home Movie Packages that include gourmet popcorn, candy and sodas. There are also Romance Baskets filled with body lotions, candles, chocolates and more. Coffee baskets that include a variety of coffee selections, some tea selections, 2 mugs and some scrumptious biscotti are really fun to give as well.

Some super awesome and quirky gift basket ideas include Beer Baskets. A variety of gourmet brews, two beer mugs or steins and pretzels, The Party in A Box Basket for women that love to have fun feature wine, playing cards, dominoes and dice.

Last, but in NO WAY least is one of my absolute favorite gift basket ideas.

Now, I gotta warn you. I just love anything that tends to stray off the typical beaten path. When it comes to the novel and unique, the Nerd Basket idea is second to none.

Does that special lady in your life just love to nerd out over anything computer related? Does she play countless video games, always have her head in comic books?

Does she nearly short circuit her brain trying to come up with her Comic Con costume, love ALL THINGS Harry Potter and EVERYTHING and ANYTHING sci-fi ?

If so, the nerd basket is right up her alley. You may just have to make up this basket yourself as I haven’t seen anything online as yet that offers it- but if YOU do, be sure to drop a comment or send me an email and let me know!

Be sure to include several boxes of Nerd candy and maybe a software program or two to round out the entire theme and give your special lady something to really ‘nerd out’ about.


  1. Fabio says:

    Gift baskets are fun to make and even more fun to give because they make the receiver feel as if they are getting a present that is overflowing with goodies. I would like to advise you one of the most popular gift basket ideas that would be the bathroom gift basket. The basic bathroom gift basket would naturally contain a loofah, soap or bath gel, shampoo and conditioner.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Fabio!

      Thank you so much for reading my post and stopping by Appreciate Them!  I love reader comments and suggestions.  I will definitely add more reviews on a variety of different bath and spa baskets.  They are truly ideal for the women in our lives.  I would definitely never say no to one.  I just adore them.

      Thank you again for your input!


  2. R.J. says:

    Hey Andria, excellent post. The information you provided in the post was most helpful and you know, I love gift baskets. I know and feel like sometimes I need gift ideas for the wife when it comes to holidays like wedding anniversary and birthday. What type of gift basket would you recommend for a 5 year wedding anniversary or even a 30th birthday? Anyway, your info was awesome and I really like the idea of gift basket so thanks for this information.

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