Send Your Love With Gift Baskets Overseas – 2019 Review

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Finding and reviewing products for your personal relationship building and Relationship Marketing efforts is what is all about.

I just love being able to connect you to ‘out of this world’ products and services that make your life easier and that you can implement RIGHT AWAY!

From time to time, I have to write some product reviews that are not very flattering in regards to the product itself or the company.  They are difficult and sometimes very disappointing to me personally.  I do not relish the negativity and to be completely honest- it is not a whole lot of fun.

My hope is that even though the review may be negative, it may be used by the company to improve their products, customer service and thus improve upon their own Relationship Marketing efforts with you, their customers that support their business goals and dreams.

Everything we do, -or don’t do -is interconnected in one full circle of Appreciation, even when it may not seem so.  There are ALWAYS ways we can do and be better.

Why do I sometimes include negative reviews? Because honest and unbiased reviews that cover both the good, the bad and the ugly is crucial. It is not enough to give only good reviews because I receive an Affiliate Commission when you purchase.

Although it is challenging to be 100% unbiased when writing a review, (in fact I would say it is impossible to be 100% unbiased) herculean effort should always be put forth to deliver the most unbiased reviews as possible.

I will always endeavor to represent in my reviews, the intergrity and trust that I feel symbolizes.

That being said, I am super excited to write this review for you guys!

Gift Baskets Overseas has so many wonderful online reviews and satisfied customers out there making it my great pleasure to condense all of my online research and present this review to you today.

Keep in mind, I did not review a product in real time.  I researched this company online extensively and spoke to their 24/7 chat service several times asking several important questions about their service to get the information that I needed to bring you this review.


Gift Baskets Overseas

Product(s):  There is an absolutely amazing and expansive selection of Gifts Baskets to choose from:

Thank You Baskets, Sympathy Baskets, Fruit Baskets, Chocolate Baskets, Kosher Baskets, Spa Baskets, Balloon Baskets, Baby Baskets, Wine Baskets, Non-Alcoholic Baskets, ‘Im Sorry’ Baskets, Cheese Baskets, Expectant Mommy Baskets, Gluten Free Baskets, Vegetarian Baskets, Beer Baskets, Christmas Baskets.

The selection is so vast there is truly something for everyone. Even the most difficult to buy for.

I simply CANNOT list every Gift Basket theme available on their website.

Additional Gift Item Categories:  Flowers, Confections, Corporate Gifts, Jewelry, Watches, Back to School, Thank You, Retirement Gifts, Gift Towers, Candles, Sundries, Gourmet Gifts, Babies, Expectant Mother’s, Friendship Items, Cultural Specific Gifts

Any of these items will be so fun for your US or overseas friends and family.

Cheapest Place to Buy: Gift Baskets Overseas  Save $5 on Your Order

Review CountryGift Baskets Overseas is fantastic because of its world class service and happy customers receiving wonderful gifts and surprises as ordered and on time -with overseas delivery to 200 countries.

You can also ship from the US within the US. Don’t let the name lead you to believe that the only option is overseas delivery.

# of Countries Available to Ship To: 200 Including the United States

Website Languages Available:  Chinese, English, French, German, Portugese, Russian, Spanish

Currency Options for Payment:  € EUR, ₽ RUB, £ GBP, $ AUD, $ HKD, ¥ JPY, $ NZD, USh UGX, N NGN, C$ NIO, K Sh KES, EC$ XCD, Rs LKR, $ FJD, $b BOB, ₱ UYU, BYN, G PYG, P BWP, N$ NAD, Rs NPR, ₱ COP, CFAF XOF, TD TND, YRls YER ₸ KZT BR BYR, K PGK, ZK ZMW, RO OMR, TSh TZS, SR SCR, Le SLL, Mau MUR, JD JOD, kr ISK, kr SEK,     kr DKK, CI$ KYD, $ BND, Tk BDT, KD KWD, $ TWD, R ZAR, $ BMD, DH MAD, $ SGD, R$ BRL, ₺ TRY, kr NOK,Dhs AED₪ ILS ,lei RON, ₣ CHF, ₴ UAH, ฿ THB, ₫ VND, ₱ PHP, BD BHD, QR QAR, £ LBP, Rs PKR, ₱ DOP, S PEN, $ MXN, Bs. F VEF₱ CLP, RM MYR, ₹ INR, ₩ KRW, ¥ CNY, ₱ ARS, $ CAD

Customer Support:  24/7 Chat Available.  GiftBasketsOverseas chat is open ALL day EVERY day. It makes a lot of sense, since this is a global company that spans so many different time zones.  There is also a button to click to receive a call back.

The convenience of 24/7 answers alone is really comforting should you have problems that need resolved.  In the majority of 5 Star reviews on TrustPilot, customers literally RAVED about GiftBasketOverseas customer support chat service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy? Yes

Click here to read about GiftBasketOverseas 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.  In a nutshell…

If not completely satisfied with your purchase:

  • Contact us by phone or email and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your experience is a good one
  • If bottles or fragile items break, we’ll replace them
  • If your package isn’t delivered, we’ll either send it again or refund your money
  • If we get your order wrong, we will send the correct items
  • If delivery takes place later than guaranteed, we will refund our shipping and handling fee.

Price:  Prices will range significantly depending upon what you buy and where you ship to.  Please refer to GiftBasketOverseas website to peruse pricing that fits your budget.

Estimated Delivery Charges: Delivery charges, as expected is going to vary significantly depending upon the shipping location.  Please click to review delivery options in three SIMPLE steps.

Same Day Delivery Available?: According to Larissa below, (my GiftBasketsOverseas chat help friend.) Larissa was available and helping me by answering all of my questions within 13 seconds of entering chat.

I contacted her via chat because I wanted to test out the chat service while at the same time inquire about the availability of same day service.  It is not available and a lead time of 2-3 days is required for delivery.

I just LOVE that there is a picture of Larissa that personalizes my chat experience.  Everything about GiftBasketOverseas is Relationship Marketing magic!  Companies that do as much as they do to deepen and reinforce the customer relationship is amaze balls in my eyes!

Since there is no same day delivery service available, and the holiday season can get away from us so easily my advice is to order with enough advance lead time as humanly possible to ensure your gift isn’t lost in the Holiday Hustle.

My Heart Review Rating: 4.9 Hearts

Is This Company A Relationship Marketing Rockstar?:  Yes 5.0+++ rating a definite Relationship Marketing Rockstar Company in 2019.

As you can probably already tell, I love everything about GiftBasketsOverseas.  Especially their customer service and the effort they put into problem solving and relationship building.

I really want to give them 5 Hearts but chose 4.9 instead and here’s why:

No company is 100% perfect at all times.

Review Site(s):

Out of 193 reviews on TrustPilot, GiftBasketsOverseas received a rating of Excellent (Five Stars) in 87% of the reviews or 167.91 five stars reviews out of 193. Depsite the overwhelming 5 star reviews, there were a few negative reviews thus disallowing me from going all the way and giving them a full Five Heart rating.

The most commonly stated area of satisfaction included excellent customer service.  Even when there were minor delivery issues, the customer stated they would definitely use GiftBasketsOverseas again due to the ease in which problems were solved.  Many times the customers also listed out the names of the customer service associates that helped them out over and above their expectations.

Another excellent pattern that I saw was that GiftBasketsOverseas staff responded to a large number of reviews thanking the individual and showing their Appreciation for their customers.  Personal interaction gives us a good idea of the integrity of a company.  It shows that they care about their reviews, and their customers experience with their products from start to finish.

Another very, very impressive aspect of this company is that I was just thrilled to see is the CEO of the company respond to a problem review.

There was an issue with the order and he offered the customer a return of their money.

This speaks VOLUMES about the type of company GiftBasketsOverseas is.

Here is the review I am referring to:



The website does state that December and other Holiday seasons can get VERY busy. The online chat also has a blurb about 24/7 chat taking a bit longer during the busy holiday season.

I did test out the chat feature twice as a part of my research for the review process.  I was able to get online and receive very clear and concise answers to my questions about ordering within 52 seconds.  Of course, as previously mentioned it will be delayed during high seasons such as holidays.

In my opinion, I could have been justified giving give a 4-4.5 rating.  However, because GiftBasketsOverseas invests so much time into responding to customer reviews, that effort means something.

Actually, it means EVERYTHING! When you see a busy CEO responding to negative reviews you simply just get extra HeartRatings, extra LOVE that is.

Why is it so important to me personally that a company interact with their customers online?

Because it makes us HAPPY!  We want to know that our upset and frustration means something to the company we spend our hard earned money with.


Another reason is that people READ reviews before making purchases.  Click here to read another of my reviews that touches on Neil Patel’s opinion on why customer reviews are so important.  It includes links to a break down of how millennials utilize online reviews before they make purchases and how companies should respond to them.  Scroll to the bottom of the review for this information.

Because of the emphasis Gift Baskets Overseas puts on their reviews, it touches upon the the mission of Appreciate  They are a real life example of Relationship Marketing rockstars. Taking the time to connect with their clients and deepen the relationship they have with their customers.

People are what matter to a business.  The product being delivered on time and as specified is incredibly important but it does not end there!  We cannot ignore the people.

All companies have challenges. problems a large international company would.  Headaches with shipping, delivery, and dealing with a vast amount of vendors that come with their own set of ever changing concerns.

Given all that, GiftBasketsOverseas still manages to get review after review of glowing praise and raving reviews about their phenomenal customer service.

Click here to read my article on Relationship Marketing featuring Kody Bateman, a Relationship Marketing Expert. He talks about how critically important it is to make the process of purchasing from a company seamless.  An easy experience with a company is very high on the list of satisfied customers.

We are busy people and do not want to spend our precious time sorting out hassles with a very difficult customer service department.  I know that it makes me melt down in a puddle of frustration.  And just maybe a string of profanity that would curl the toes of even the toughest of people.

Its enough to make you crazy!

Luckily, things won’t go that far with GiftBasketsOverseas!

With such an overwhelming selection of gifts, gift baskets, flowers, confections and so much more
GiftBasketsOverseas is a fabulous one stop shop that saves you time when it comes to your gift giving needs.

Another absolute plus is the extra confidence you get when ordering overseas gifts.  Many people send gifts and care packages overseas to loved ones that work there, are on humanitarian missions or belong to a very large Ministry or Proselyting Organization.  It just makes everything easier when you can order with confidence and know that if there are problems you will not have to waste your time on several phone calls trying to get it resolved.

GiftBasketsOverseas works with you until your problem is resolved.  That is IF you have one to begin with.

How did you like this review?  What are you thoughts on Relationship Marketing?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Appreciate Them



  1. SeunJeremiah says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post, indeed this is going to be very useful to me and others this is going to reach, it’s been a long time I sent gifts to someone overseas and when I did, I had to go shopping and the stress of picking gift items was tiring, but I must honestly say I’m happy I came across this post, I agree with you on the fact that no site can get a perfect review but for the fact that they have a customer care service and respond to complaints, it’s worth trying. Thanks  for saving me the stress of picking up gifts for family and loved one’s.

    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi SeunJermiah,

      I am so happy that you enjoyed my review. 
      After extensive research on GiftBasketsOverseas, I was ‘over the moon’ ecstatics to write this review. 

      This company has taken customer service to newer and higher levels -it’s truly amazing. 

      Staff is constantly responding to praise and problem solving complaints. 

      This company is a problem solving genius 

      and clients that had a problem to begin with we’re singing the praises of customer service by the time customer service resolved their issues.

      Please come back and let me know what your experience was if you do choose to use their service. I highly recommend GiftBasketsOverseas!

      Their brand of customer service is -well-It’s a beautiful thing to see!

      I appreciate your comments!


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