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A few years ago, during a whirlwind busy streak-I had missed quite a few birthdays. Understandably, I felt like a complete and utter JERK. I totally get that a gift or a card isn’t the only way to let people know that you appreciate them.

However, the fact that every single one of us loves to be remembered and made to feel important in other’s lives has proven to me that an unexpected greeting card or gift can REALLY make someone’s day.

Thus began my journey, I went online in search of an automated and inexpensive way to send birthday cards and expressions of love to those that made a difference in my life. Basically, I wanted to ‘set it and forget it’ so I would never miss another important date. I also wanted to see if it was possible to include a gift with the card.

My search led me to several relationship marketing articles and eventually to the Send Out Cards website (referred to as SOC in this review).

What Exactly Is Send Out Cards?



SOC is a company based in Utah founded by a visionary business leader named Kody Bateman. He created a revolutionary online Relationship Marketing platform, similar to Amazon, but for gifts and greeting cards.

Kody Bateman is the author of Promptings: Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference. A prompting is basically what most of us would consider ‘intuition.’

Kody tells his bittersweet story in his book. He ignored a prompting urging him to say goodbye to his brother before moving across the country. Two months later, his brother was killed.

This single event led him on a decades long journey to inspire others to listen to their inner promptings. It is something that immediately resonated with me and continues to do so daily. SOC is not merely a personal greeting card and gifting company.

It is also a Relationship Marketing system that you can replicate and use in your business. Kody is an industry leader when it comes to Relationship Marketing. In today’s world, aggressive marketing and cheesy sales tactics just won’t cut it for information savvy consumers.

Kody also wrote The Power of Human Connection: How Relationship Marketing is Transforming the Way People Succeed. Ivan Misner, PH. D., and New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI had this to say about SOC in the books forward:

“Kody has employed technology to make something VERY personal. Getting tangible items in the mail is very powerful, and it’s a great example of the power of connection.

Adding the photograph and handwritten font makes the product ultra personal. I meet thousands of people over the course of a year, so while I may not recall someone’s name, if I get a card with their photo on it, I am easily able to recall the person or conversation.”

What I found is so much more than just a greeting card and gifting platform. It is a way to deepen my current relationships and forge new ones.

This was an overview of SOC and the company philosophy. Let’s move on to a full review of what SOC has to offer you.

Click here to show your loved ones, business partners or clients how grateful you are for them.  Start your Relationship Marketing or Appreciation Journey today.

An Automated Follow Up System for Personal and Business Relationships



  • You can create custom made personalized greeting cards with your own handwriting font.  This personal touch differentiates you from the others that send impersonal emails or texts.
  • You can upload and include photos of the recipient when you want to celebrate their triumphs and experiences.
  • You can link to your Facebook account and upload your photos from Facebook.
  • The option to send a gift at the same time from your desk top PC, tablet or Smart Phone or from the Send Out Cards website or app.
  • If you are insanely busy, you will LOVE the ability to create all of your cards in advance so you will never miss an important date.
  • Ability to categorize relationship contacts by birth dates, anniversary, group name.
  • You can set up card campaigns and send the same card and verbiage to multiple people or a group.  This is a perfect way to get a universal message to a large number of people. For example, a Christmas card or ‘Just Sold’ postcard sent to your geographic farm. The merge function inserts the first and last name to personalize the card saving time not having to add addresses individually.
  • Ability to upload your current database of contacts via excel or CSV file.


  • You must prepay for the card and/or gift to be sent at a future date. A tight budget may limit the number of pre-pay cards/gifts you can afford at one time. Set send dates on a semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis according to your pay dates.
  • The SOC platform works as a CRM. However, it is not completely customized to ANY specific industry. It is easy to use the SOC Relationship platform in conjunction with the industry specific CRM you currently use.
  • It may be a challenge to get your cards/gifts delivered on time on a last minute basis. Delivery time is approximately 4-7 days, possibly longer depending upon USPS which can be iffy during the best of times. SOC does an amazing job at a very low price point.  There are a few negative reviews online about USPS delivery times.  The best way to avoid delivery delays is to order and send your card/gift with plenty of time to spare, especially ahead of major holidays.
  • SOC conducted a MASSIVE upgrade to their platform a few years ago. There were customer service delays and glitches that followed.  This resulted in some negative online reviews about the lack of prompt customer service. I called customer service yesterday and received prompt service with a hold time of less than one minute. This is a vast improvement compared to the experience I had following the major overhaul a few years ago that resulted in having to leave a voicemail or online message via chat and having to wait a few days for a response.

Personalized Greeting Cards

This is a card that I made for my daughter for Mother’s Day 2019.  I love being able to upload any photo onto these cards to personalize it.  You can also get an add-on package to be able to get your fonts personalized with your own handwriting.  (See Below for more details)



This is a the back of a card that you can custom brand for several different occasions such as a birthday or for business.  This happens to be a card branded for business.



  • Literally 1000s of cards to choose from categorized by Holiday or Special Occasion. Ability to personalize card with pictures, logos and text. Large personal storage space for pictures is available.  Storage size depends upon the plan you choose, click link below to compare plans and pricing.
  • Create your own card by choosing the photo drop, catalog, or build your own option.
  • You can brand the back of the card with your name, business name, logo, tag line and photo. This will ensure you stay top of mind with your clients.
  • You can also brand the back of your card personally. Eight branding templates to choose from.
  • Card may be customized by choosing flat card, 2-panel card, 3-panel card, Big Card, or Post Card. Be sure to know what is included in the subscription plan you choose before you purchase. Click here to compare plans and pricing.
  • Choose the type of card stock you want. Standard, Satin or Pearl are available. Be sure to click on above link to see what is included at no extra cost in the plan you choose.


  • There are many people that create cards in minutes on their Smart Phone. I prefer the desk top as my smart phone screen is very small and I am getting older. Like anything else, the more you use the app or platform the faster and better you become at it.
  • There will be a learning curve while you are familiarizing yourself with the app/platform.
  • Anything outside standard card stock and larger than the 2-panel card will incur extra fees. Click here to compare plans and pricing.
  • Unlimited plans: this means the ability to send an unlimited number of unique, single Heart Felt Cards to different people, First Class USPS postage is included in your monthly subscription cost.  It does NOT include mass sending the SAME card to several different contacts. You must purchase a campaign at an additional fee + postage if you wish to send the same card to several different people.  Abusing the unlimited plan by mass sending the same card will land you on the SOC ‘naughty list.’

Specialty Gifts


  • Depending upon the plan you choose, discounts off retail gift prices range between 15%-30%.
  • You can send a Gift Card inside of your personalized Greeting Card. American Express Gift Cards are available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Gift Cards are attached to the inside of the card very elegantly.
  • Starbucks Gift Cards are available in $5 and $10 denominations. Tim Horton Gift Cards are available in $10 denominations. These are fabulous inexpensive customer appreciation gifts that people get super excited about.


  • I am personally still grandfathered in on the old points plan. Point plans are no longer an option. I do not have access to retail prices for gifts until I use up my points.  I am unable to review gift pricing.
  • While you may be subscribed to a USPS postage included plan, postage included refers to the cost of sending a custom card First Class USPS. When you include a gift with the card you will pay an extra shipping cost for the gift. The added convenience of not having to leave the house to purchase the card/gift is well worth the nominal shipping fee.
  • There is a purchase fee for American Express gift cards. Purchase fees of: ($3.95 per card for $25 denominations, $4.95 per card for $50 denominations and $5.95 per card for $100 denominations) applies in ADDITION to USPS shipping.
  • Hopefully more gift card retailer options will be added in the future. I just LOVE to surprise people with a personalized greeting card with a SWEET gift card inside!

Click here to show your loved ones, business partners or clients how grateful you are for them.  Start your Relationship Marketing or Appreciation Journey today.



  • I just purchased a store bought greeting card today for $3.99. I saw several at the $5.99 price point. SOC single card rates range from $1.75-$2.75 depending upon which plan you choose. (Click Here  for Send Out Card plan options). USPS First Class postage is included in the $97 and $147 monthly subscription plans.
  • For as little as $4.90 per day ($147.00/month), you can send an unlimited amount of single Heartfelt Cards. Postage for cards (not gifts) is included FREE. If you sent two store bought cards per day at $3.99 each + $30.00 in postage, it would cost you a whopping $269.40 per month. It is easy to see where you would save the most money and make the most impact.
  • You do not have to sign up for a subscription plan to use the platform/app. Plans range from $17-$147 per month.
  • Inexpensive add on options to enhance the personal experience of your recipients: $49/for Personal Handwriting Fonts and Signatures add on package, $25/ for up to 4 Personal Signatures add on package.  Click on the link above for a complete list.
  • The novelty and pure joy experienced when sending or receiving a personalized card/gift in the mail NEVER gets old! People frequently tell me they still have a personalized card I sent them, to this day.


  • If you do not sign up for a subscription plan you will pay the highest fees for cards and gifts.
  • Prices can add up quickly in the beginning. However, it is well worth it considering the time and money saved by not having to shop separately for each card/gift and pay FULL retail price.

Click here to show your loved ones, business partners or clients how grateful you are for them.  Start your Relationship Marketing or Appreciation Journey today.

You can view my 1st Unboxing Video featuring me opening a SOC custom greeting card and reviewing the special gift inside! Click here for video.

Thanks for dropping by!

Andria D. Franklin

What do you think about this review?  Comment below and let me know what Relationship Marketing strategy works best for your business and how you let the people you know how much you care.

Please feel free to Email me with any comments or suggestions you may have for this blog.


  • I am a SOC distributor
  • SOC is a multi-level marketing company based in Utah, in business for approximately 15 years
  • If you sign up by clicking one of my links I will receive a commission percentage based on the amount of business upgrades and/or purchases you make
  • I will continue to deliver the most unbiased reviews I can create
  • This will possibly be the beginning of a wonderful relationship 🙂


  1. Gillian says:

    I never heard of these Send out cards or specialty gifts before, it’s good I get to read your article, now I know it’s available on the market and I can order and customize it for my love ones. I can totally relate with you,sometimes I get too busy and forget simple family or friend’s birthday and occasion. I do agree that a simple card or message will totally change a relationship, just a simple card or nore of appreciation means a lot. Because of your blog I get to know about these SOC and will certainly check it for future occasions of my loved ones.

    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi Gillian!  I am so happy that you enjoyed the review on Send Out Cards!  I have received phone calls from relatives crying and just so happy that the card was so personalized with important moments from their lives.  I simply just got the photos from their Facebook pages.   Let me know what you think once you check it out!

  2. TimMoto says:

    The compelling story at the beginning certainly held my interest and it’s something I would not want to happen to me.  

    I think the real powerful message here is the personalization of your service. It makes all the difference in the world as to whether or not I would use there service. I like the features of various cards, the reminders available so we don’t miss any important occasion and the additional gifts including the gift cards.  

    The plans and pricing options are a real bargain in my opinion. The essential package looks to me like the best deal.  So nice to have many options available.  I love it. 

    Great site and fantastic ideas.  Thank you…I’m sold!

    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi TimMoto!

      I’m so happy to hear that you found the story compelling!

      There are many packages available to choose from. The price is really a steal especially when you choose a postage included plan. 

      It’s also super fun to be able to grab photos from friends and families Facebook pages and create expressive and love filled cards sharing their special events and memories with them. 

      It means so much to people when you share their Wins, special occasions and triumphs with them. Often they save the card and show them to others because it means so much to receive such a personal expression of love in the mail when everyone else texts or emails impersonally.

      Let me know what you think if you purchase a plan. I would love to interview you and add your experience here to this review.

      I appreciate your comments!


  3. Jay says:

    This is identifying a problem and offering a solution at its finest. That’s exactly what the idea behind this business is. So brilliant. I had no idea something like this really exists and I can just remember a lot of times I would have made use of this for both personal and professional reasons. I am definitely going to start making use of this. Truly amazing.

    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi Jay!

      Yes it is such a wonderful service that allows us to express our appreciation for our business clients and friends and family.  

      With the very hectic lives we all live the ability to automate the process so that it saves us time is really just a feature for today’s modern age. 

      Please be sure to come back and let me know how Send Out Cards is working for you!

      I appreciate your comments!


  4. Ben Zas says:

    Great post! I totally loved the idea behind the products you reviewed.

    I think in general people prefer to make and receive a DIY gift, so this looks really awesome as the limit is only my own imagination.  

    I would suggest though to present the pros. and cons. in some kind of table or side by side cus’ in some cases it looks very packed and hard to digest.



    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi Ben!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my review. 

      It’s a fantastic customer relation management system as well as a system to use to express your appreciation for friends and family. Let me know if you decide to give it a try and let me know what your experience was.

      I will start working on a way to review the pros and cons in a much tighter and concise fashion.  Please check back in a week or so and let me know what you think with your suggestions streamlined for ease of use and an improved reader experience.

      I appreciate your comments!


  5. Feochadan says:

    What a BRILLIANT idea!  I have been in the spot too many times of just having forgotten to send out a card.  A PERSONALIZED card would be oh so much better.  When you also factor in the TIME it takes to shop for that card and maybe a thoughtful gift, I can see that this plan would be even less expensive than the actual dollar values that you quote.

    I love it that you can use it for either business or personal reasons and customize to fit either.  People would truly appreciate such a thoughtful card and/or gift.  It really shows that you care and the ability to never miss a date again is invaluable.

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful platform!

    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi Feochadan!

      I absolutely fell in love with the concept! 

      The fact that I have the ability to set reminders for all birthdays and dates to be remembered and the ability to create and set up the cards and/or gifts far in advance to be sent out automatically and on time. 

      This set it and forget it automation is just what I needed to assure I won’t be forgetting any special occasions for our loved ones.

      We have 7 grandchildren and this is just a wonderfully personal way to express our appreciation to each and every special little grandchild.

  6. Rina says:

    What a great idea to have all your cards pre organised especially for very busy people. I would definately be interested in having it all sorted instead of forgetting an important event such as the kids birthdays for example, or being late to the party so to speack embarrasing yourself and disapointing the recipient. The other thing I love is the cards can be totally personalised with special photos and sucl. Love it! 

    1. Andria D. Franklin says:

      Hi Rina, people just absolutely love receiving personalized cards and gifts from me. I have had people call me in tears they were so utterly moved by the personal aspect of the cards and that I took the time to design it using photos from their special life events. I love creating cards that make people happy.  It is a wonderful service! If you decide to try it please let me know what your experience was so I can add it to the review!

      I appreciate your comments,


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